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Trident I

Type: Restructuring and Distressed/Special situation
Strategy: Build-up and Turnaround
Approach: Leveraged buy-out and Management buy-in
Geography: Iberia
Fund cap: Eur. 5m


Sales: Eur. 3m to 20m
Deal size: Eur. 1m to 5m
Target ownership: over 80%
EBITDA/Sales (entry): over 10%
Current Ratio (Liquidity): over 2
Debt/EBITDA: under 4
CAPEX requirements: low
Time-to-market: under 2 years
Expected ROIC: over 2.5x
Exit after: under 4 years
Exit options: high


  • Consumer Goods & Retail
  • Manufacturing
  • Engineering and Technical Services
  • Construction and Infrastructure
  • Media and Publishing


Target cap: Small and Middle-cap
Development opportunities: New leadership, New marketing strategy and rebranding, New supply chain management, Exports, Scale economies, and Shared services
Leverage: over 60%
Governance: full control with CEO and CFO; simplified structure
Target assets in portfolio: 6-9
Status: Fund raising