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About us

Lisbon Partners's Corporate Advisory services are delivered through our lengthwise, comprehensive approach. Inter-disciplinary teams consisting of experts knowledgeable in various areas of strategy and corporate finance, as well as in-depth industry experience, are constituted in accordance with the customer’s requirements.

On the basis of the respective corporate strategy and the specifics of the sector in question, tailor-made solutions are conceived and implemented together with specialists from Corporate Finance and Investment units. Entrepreneurs and managers hence receive individual and sector specific financial advice.

As a top management decision advisor Lisbon Partners supports the executive management in sponsoring, developing, financing and implementing new projects, or expanding existing ones, and helps to identify and prepare procedures for entering and exiting corporate equity, whether in their home country or abroad.

As a private equity advisor Lisbon Partners acts mainly as a development and management partner for private equities holding large portfolios or general partner representative, offering “operating partner” services for institutional investors and investment portfolios.

Our advisory offer is designed to suit the needs of major corporations with demanding strategic challenges, and complex management support needs. Simultaneously we have developed special solutions for institutional investors, namely banks and public agencies, and family offices, for whom we act as highly effective asset and fund managers running their portfolios or individual private equity endeavours, enforcing an effective hands-on approach and establishing a result-oriented mindset.