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Private Equity Advisory

Although we can, and successfully do support individual investors and family offices, our focus is on institutional investors like banks, private equity firms, insurance companies, pension funds and government agencies.

Through our long-term relationships with those equity investors we know how important it is to understand the individual approach to each initiative and a global understanding of corporate or funds’ objectives and context.

The active exchange with senior management and technical teams is one of the reasons for our strong placement and execution delivery. We engage in primary and co-investments in funds or portfolios as well as in secondary transactions. On the other hand, investors benefit from our relentless search for outstanding investment opportunities.

Lisbon Partners´s expertise covers the entire spectrum from the initiation to the management of an equity investment, namely:

  • Analysis and/or strategic focus of the clients portfolio
  • Capital raising
  • Identification of investment opportunities with strategic fit
  • Evaluation of potential investments
  • Due Diligence
  • Preparation and support of the contract negotiations
  • Strategic and operational integration of the portfolio
  • Exit and divestment strategies and executive support

On request we support our clients in various operational aspects of the portfolio management.

Specially designed to support large private equity firms and funds, whose portfolios include a significant number of participations, spread over several industries, Lisbon Partners created and has been perfecting a full-scope operating partner approach, where we can turn our expertise into effective hands-on management, going as deep as appointing executive board members.

The committed, skilful and long term relationships that we establish with our clients bring control, profitability, high performance and successful exiting to one of the most thrilling, yet challenging, management activities – private equity investments.